None but ourselves can free our minds

Reading about Aisha, a devout muslim university student in a fictional novel Boko Haram  was exciting because it just shows exactly what is going on in our society today.  It is becoming a lot harder to have set expectations of women that is based on nothing else but their gender.

Many women wanted to stay committed to the Islamic teachings or any religion for that matter but their head could not cope with the treatment they have to deal with, which by the way, they have seen countless of times, their mothers and women around them have had to deal with.

Here is TV host Rima Karaki making a simple request of sticking to the issue at hand and what she got in return:



Here is what I witnessed of another respected Islamist scholar bold enough to share his tale with the crowd.

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley

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  1. I don laugh tire….. Good for her!
    But seriously, it didn’t get nasty until the Sheikh said she is beneath him because she is a woman. But if you know Islam, then you know he was just being more honest and less modern. She was a lot more civilized with her utterances & justified for her remarks, even offering an explanation for interrupting him.

    That said, I think she is a lousy talk show hostess for losing her cool that easily. She could have handled that incident, using those exact words, with more class.

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    • You can bet that the Sheikh was already burning to make the statement of the host being beneath him the first instance he sets eyes on her…he probably thought she’ll be on her knee when addressing him.

      See, Sheikh is the one living in London, the West and the lady in the middle east – now, religion is getting a whole new perspective – she is more tolerant than the guy who supposedly living in one of the most diverse capitals of the world and yet his intolerance of anything that is not sync with his ‘ideals’ is condemned.

      This interview is more damaging than it seems – the lady served him right and that ends there however, the story of the three young London based muslim girls that went to Syria in support of IS is being given a thorough look right from the homes of these girls. Their motives?

      The girls parents were expecting the government to take responsibilities because they were British. I bet the government will do their best to ‘save’ these girls but in the processes will leave no stone untouched.

      Imagine if we could hear all that was said after Rima cuts him off…I say good for her, he can tell the rest to himself.

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      • I said Good for her too & I meant it.

        Just know that regardless of where he is in the world, he would have projected himself as less of a Sheikh if he didn’t point out that a woman is beneath a man in his faith. It is the bone honest truth. Don’t let anyone tell you or convince you differently.

        About those three British girls, I watched their folks testifying on her to deter others like them from joining up with ISIL. They were not much helpful & I am not surprised. They can’t be helpful if they are silent about the kind of anti-west rhetoric they shared with these girls most of their lives. They never discuss that bit with ‘outsiders’. I worry that the West, especially the British, mix up their priorities in regards to the practice of civility with the defense of it. Those girls are old enough to leave on their own & they left of their own free will. They should be considered by law to have forfeited their citizenship. If they manage to return ever, they ought to be prosecuted, jailed and deported. That is how best to assist their families & civility.

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          • LOl – I believed you Yas…

            You are right that he should have applied some ‘break’ in his utterances regardless of his place of abode however I would think more so for him as a Londoner than in Kano for instance. This is because you can pretty much sample the world’s religion in London than you would in most of the world’s capitals.
            Yea, the Sheik’s is telling the truth alright, only that his truths no longer hold water – his truths are as good as that of Boko Haram so no longer acceptable to the peace building world.

            Because the girls are British, they can not be deported and also they were minors – the three of them under 18 so not old enough to live on their own regardless of their physical development. There was an older woman involved here, a 20year old who left for Syria in December, she should know better. W’ll see as the case unfolds, it will be interesting but you can bet that the Human Rights clause will be ‘amended’ in the way that strengthened general public faith in their government to protect them even if that means the likes of Sheikh and his family be ‘dealt’ with.

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          • We have our priorities all mixed up, I swear!! And we are being punished for it by the likes of ISIL & Boko Haram. As long as we think we can treat this extremists like they can deny us our rights by exercising their rights, they will always do. Period…

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    This is not a middle eastern issue, this goes down right here in America in 2015, however at least there are men here who are progressive enough to not only address the issue-they gave solutions.

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  3. I was in a meeting the other day and had the nerve to request that we stay on topic and because I refused to allow them men in the meeting to sabotage the mission of the meeting and as a result I was asked, if I was a member twice as a way of trying to discount me….. since I am used to this behavior, it didn’t really bother me because I have a self-learned PHD in dealing with the shenanigans of a racist sexist and or a sexist. I felt even more empowered because when I got home, here your lovely post was as well as this one

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  4. One of my favourite quotes FK in between, I have missed you!

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