Nigeria politics of overactive bladder

How could one not enjoy this election campaign? Social media revolution has helped to showcase our public office officials raw talent.

Now, leaving aside Governor Fayose’s overactive bladder mouth, how could one get head around governor of a state with population of over 2 million people blabbing on like this in what was supposed to be Govornors’ Forum?

On Nigeria treading news of old people wearing pampers – according to Overactive Mouth Fayose,  being old = wearing pampers.

This is what Nigeria is today, public official showcasing ignorance by talking about the symptoms rather than the cause of elderly incontinence.

I hope Ekiti State people are happy now with the aftermaths of stomach infrastructure – 5kg rice for votes.


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  1. Your comment would have been justifiable if you can let us Know what the other side promise to provide and has provided bearing in mind the Nigerian POLYTRICKS ENVIRONMENT ?

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    • Dear Prince Adenle – Oh well, always nice to see you stop by.

      I was more concerned about the pampers wearing elders rather than Nigeria politics. Here my focus was highlighting the silent killer of our elderly i.e High blood pressure and diabetes. Untreated diabetes can lead to people loosing control of their bladder. This is treatable and not even expensive in our local hospitals, this simple fact, lots of our people don’t know.

      So for a governor to think this is something to mockingly use, says a lot.

      If you re read the post, calm down and ‘throway’ Nigeria politics hats you’d see…

      Now,Adenle if we were to talk about politics: do you seriously think if Stomach Infrastructure was taken aside, would anyone vote Fayose over Fayemi?

      The video I posted was Part 2, watch him talking in Part 1.

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      • Though the question isn’t directed at me…. I beg to answer:
        Yes, even in the absence of the rice largess some people will still vote Fayose over Fayemi & their reason would simply be that Fayemi didn’t dole out gift, even when Fayose didn’t. ….. LOL

        It defies logic, right? But that is Nigerians for you & that is how most Nigerian voters still think. Already right now (2 weeks to elections) PDP has started turning the tide against APC nationwide, because PDP understands Nigerian.

        It is a losing battle if Nigerians continue put self over society.


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        • Thank you Yas.
          Adenle has nothing to say as we all know what Jona and his people are doing to the monarchs presently. He already finished his rounds with the celebrity pastors, now it was going from palace to palace literally eating ‘crap’ so he could gain votes.


          You know I still hold on to the sliver of hope that somehow, Nigeria will ‘flip’ on the 28th and we will get rid of GEJ, otherwise how could we really show that we have any iota of sense at all.

          And you are right about Fayemi/Fayose logic… In Osun, I could not believe Omisore would have one vote at all given everything that is this man…anyway thank goodness with all his ridiculous last minute mountain prayer groups/neighbourhood borehole digging – people refused to vote him – This I am hoping (albeit tiny) will happen to Jona.

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          • You know, I give my reason for indifference to the outcome of the elections as my disappointment with the candidates on offer. I maintain that I am more angry with APC for the not fielding a worthy candidate & not one that they just feel will give them a regional edge.

            Any way, my main reason for not caring much about this presidential race is I don’t trust most Nigerian voters. I believe they get the leaders they have ‘earned’ and thus deserved, always. This election will be no exception.

            For your information, GEJ & PDP have seriously changed the face of the race, since the early weeks of the postponement. I see the change everywhere now. I am now certain that all that pro-GMB noise was simply aimed at making GEJ play ball. He has & the tunes are changing.

            That is the typical “Neither Fayose, either Fayemi” Nigerian voters’ logic.

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            • Sad…well, I am keeping my cool until 29th…If Jona wins again, then I will be really mad at the APC, I will appreciate the people in Osun more. And it will be Goodluck to Nigeria and Mama Peace.

              I suppose you are right, that if we APC could not nominate a Fresh Prince/Princess, maybe we do deserve Jona and his thugs/religious junkies after all…doubly sad.

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