Real Buhari and GEJ: One hardcore, the other clueless, take your pick

The Real Buhari video clip on youtube is expected especially for the flimsy minded who only want quick fix for all of our issues.

In 53:34 narrator posed a question:

“Does Buhari posses the temperament to be Nigeria’s President in a globalised 21st century?”

And for GEJ being seen as a saint in comparison to Buhari, very typical of Nigerians, being completely off the track asking helpless citizens daft question like:

” Would you like to be beheaded in public or choked to death in your room?”

Why do we have to choose between two terrible people. Well, if we must then we will.

Buhari is hardcore no doubt and well deserved the video highlighting his human rights violations, plenty of them.

Now, I would love to see one thing that GEJ has done since his time in office that makes him any better than Buhari in terms of human rights protection. His daughter’s wedding was two weeks after Chibok girls were kidnapped, before and after that thousands have been slaughtered.

48:39 talked about gender equality and the fact Buhari didn’t allow his wife on campaign trail. Yea, the old man is what he is, you are not going to change him today.

It would be nice to hear from Nigerians, if there has ever been one instance that Madam Patience Jonathan has shown any example worth emulating in public? The last straw for me was when she sat at the Aso Rock calling the parents of the abducted girls for a meeting? Who does that? Subjecting grieving mothers to yet another torture – power drunk took humanity from her.

So if Madam P was locked up for the remainder of GEJ in office, would anyone genuinely miss her?

We need women, more women to represent us so as to become better people, better neighbours, better Nigerians – we don’t need power-drunk women, we don’t need women who are busy demonstrating everything wrong that only confirm women are less of.

I believe the most dangerous aspirant of the two is the one with no ideal, hiding behind others so he takes no responsibility. GEJ does this a lot, he is busy going from one religious leader to another basically playing on the ignorance the populace.

Any leader licking boots of celebrity pastors as GEJ is doing can not successfully lead such a diverse nation as Nigeria because he will sure blame all on God and devil when in fact we are all on earth.

Looking behind Buhari, I see Fashola of Lagos, Ameachi of Rivers, Aregbesola of Osun, and hopefully El-Rufai in Kaduna and a few others – we have seen what these guys can do.

Looking at Jonathan – I see someone who will continue to be indifference to everything, a leader who nominated main murder suspect of federal ex Finance minister, Bola Ige to be Osun governor. I see a president who pardoned a criminal days after he was convicted of money laundering, that was GEJ buddy Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.

I see Nigeria being in much more terrible situation for the next four years because  there really is no red button to press so our issues can be evaporated. I see a president wasting our limited resources on useless yearly pilgrimage – Mecca + Jerusalem, to show that we are religious when our attitude is anything but.

“Does Jonathan Goodluck posses the temperament to be Nigeria’s President in a globalised 21st century?”

Temperament? Plenty of it as he had 8 year of practice to be indifference and religious puppet, with extra daily dosage of Valium added – yes, he will lead us right to the ditch.

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  1. “he will lead us right to the ditch.” — chuckles from London, FK, you’re too much!!

    I came across this broadcast by Festus Keyamo, (it is true he is a APC supporter), but he does raise some good points in answer to the questions he was given. The current postponement of the elections fits neatly into his prediction of a government playing for time.
    Here is the link.

    Not only will Jonathan lead you into a ditch, he will do like the Captain of the South Korean vessel that sunk, he will bail out and leave the passengers and crew to drown, whilst he scampers to safety. I won’t say anything bad about his wife, as it isn’t nice.

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    • Thanks for the clip. One need not work hard to see through GEJ for what he is, he truly can not be bothered about anything as it is written on his face.

      Like F Keyamo, most people supporting Buhari, are doing so because there is really no hope in sight if GEJ is re elected. It would have been nice for APC to have a candidate with less controversial records but as it stands, Buhari is still a better choice.

      Ha, re Madam P, the woman has not been particularly nice to Nigerians, not in the least the Chibok mothers, when you are up for it, a few click online will get you to a site dedicated to all her jokes – you’ll laugh tire!


  2. Better brace up for another four years of GEJ…… APC has WASTED a great opportunity it created for us to be rid of his royal clueless by choosing GMB ahead of an array of better choices; which were not even tabled……

    Right now lots of ordinary folks actually prefer to deal with the demon they know rather than the old devil they heard so much about & know nothing for certain about his rebirth.
    Don’t blame them….

    It is so annoying, but me…. I will not have it on my conscience to vote for either of them.

    it would be nice to have a peaceful civilian hand over of government sha……
    It will give Nigeri such a lift and great international reputation if that happens.

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  3. The proverbial, ” What foot do you want cut off- your left or your right?” I would like to keep them both-Thank You. I am grateful for your blog-I feel as if I have a front row view and or a window into Nigeria, presenting me with the opportunity to know the truth!

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  4. “clueless” every time!!!! (of course you were waiting for that one I bet)

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