When great mothers turn sluts

I am always fascinated by the number of people who would talk about how smart their mothers were and same people would require plenty of convincing that women in general should not be seen as less of because that is just not true.

Since I didn’t know any of my grandparents, I was curious as what my parents thought of their own mothers. Rather than my mother giving a yes or no answer, she responded “Moomi Abeni, omo k’ulodo” with the look that suggested …need I say more? Those were praise words that Yoruba would only give to people they greatly admire.

My father talked about his mother as being quite young, in her early 50s when she died of something that sounded preventable. However, he talked about my grandmother as a resourceful mother. That it was after she was long gone that the family realised how much she took on. The drama of her passing was largely based on debates of how to divide those ‘little’ things she did amongst seven people.

So really, they both had great mothers.

I have been blessed with many men, nephews, in-laws, countless of uncles and of course my father etc they all boast about how great their mothers were so why do we have a society where value of women tend to be reduced to being sexual partners?

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with my nephew who is 21, he said something that was largely stereotype about women’s ability so I ask him, “would you say your mother is like that?” He hesitated and said a firm “No.” I assured him to be free to put me in my place but here his mother is my sister and he can be honest if truly my sister was the way he described other women. At the end of our talk, he saw sense, well at least that was the impression I got.

You can imagine my excitement yesterday when I came across this video clip of Peruvian women doing amazing job to send message home. Mothers of recurring sex offenders were approached to participate in the campaign to stop men harassing women on the road.

Now I know everyone in Nigeria is religious and yet we have high rate of rape and harassment by children who claimed their parents were just the best.

So rapists and those whose preferred way of have good time is to take mickey out of women of all ages around them are really not alien from outer space, they are people who pretended to be one thing at home and a completely opposite when on the road – out of sight of parents or family that could caution them.

Watch the reactions of these guys in Peru when they realised it was their own mothers they were catcalling…



The reaction of this Mother-son interactions on the street of Lima, Peru is very similar to what would likely have happened say, if filmed on a Lagos street.

Tackling sexual harassment and rape case need every mother to tackle it right from their home.

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  1. These videos managed to make a very serious issue into funny stuff….. We really shouldn’t be laughing at these acts of sexual harassment.

    But seriously, I wish most girls will TRY to dress decently. The rate of indecent dressing is out of this world these days. Notice how the Mothers had to dress up in enticing ways to attract their sons? That certainly can not be used as an excuse but if it is the difference between my innocent daughter being harassed or raped & being left alone, then I would rather insist she dress more decently.
    Prevention is always better than cure.

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    • These video clips are not meant to be funny, especially the Peru one. The team behind the scene really meant business of showing how really charity must begin at home hence they used real mothers of ex sex offenders so their mothers could experience firsthand their children deeds on the street outside of home.

      Remember the mothers dressed to look younger than their actual age. I don’t see any indecency in their dressing and don’t agree on the notion that someone’s dressing is the reason they have been attacked.

      If I don’t harass or drag every man I found attractive off the road because they dress certain way I found enticing because I know the attitude is not socially acceptable behaviour for women why can’t the same rule apply to the men?

      It is the attitude towards victims that needs to change.


  2. I educated my son to always respect and treat a female as he would want other males to respect and treat his two sisters and mother. He’s 53-years-old now; and, I am proud to say he listened. Thank you for sharing this post.

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  3. Glad to read you’re working so hard. More grease to your elbows.

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  4. To prevent behaviour such as this.

    I didn’t realise Nigerians in Nigeria behaved like that. My Father told me when I was growing up,that it is only in the West, that such things happened. Now I know he was talking pure rubbish. People are people, bad behaviour is bad behaviour. Even in supposed ‘religious’ countries like Nigeria and Egypt this kind of thing goes on.

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  5. I absolutely loved this video. Thank you so much for sharing it. Very enlightening, it is about time for change. I also find it highly disturbing when young guys that grew up with I his 21st century have this stereotypical ideology about women. The discussion with your nephew sounds like a similar one I had with my brother a few weeks back about generalizing women.

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    • Thank you Ameena. Glad you loved the clip. Like someone said in a different post, if not now, then when…I guess the heavy load rests on women, every woman to speak up against harassment.

      And great with your nephew talk, I think speaking at home about this is very important.

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