Nigeria: Moving on from our very own anachronism

Anachronism, that’s mouthful I think.

The first time I sat by someone reading the Sun, UK newspaper and noticed a naked lady, I was taken back  thinking I had thought women were more respected in this part of the world than my home. It becomes especially demoralising when men are presented differently, mostly in more mature and responsible light. Well, if some people decided it was fun to have naked women in the newspaper, I suppose it’s only fair if we have naked men too – free world.

It didn’t take long before I realised gender inequality affect women the world over, women have for centuries being the butt of all jokes – long journey it has been.

Things are changing rapidly with quality education available to both genders, improvement are made in many important ways, still long way to go.

It is commendable that at last page three of The Sun has become subject of serious discussions, in time it will be taking out completely or more fun would be men portrayed in similar manner side by side.

Apart from obvious condescending attitude towards women in Nigeria. The one that I found demeaning was women of all ages being accused of witchcraft, this happens a lot across the country except for the Hausas, probably because of religion.


The idea here is not about whether or not witchcraft existed, rather it is to allow us to question the glorification that Nigerians give to it by associating all that did not go well to be the work of village witches, which often in time is another attack on hard work mothers.

This has in significant ways damaging as often times, the culprits is staring in our faces but we were preoccupied with blaming the ‘concept’ that can not be held responsible.

Given more than half of Nigeria population lived in rural areas and are usually the least educated, they are the most accused of witchcraft for all that is not right.

I believe if compulsory primary school education to the world standard is enforced, school leavers will be able to read and comprehend ideas as well as to allow oneself to question those that did not match up to the reality of day-to-day events.

It is incredible to know that epileptic disorder (warapa) that many associate to be another witch spell is actually brain disorder.

Many more unbelievable misfortune are wrongly associated with witches, the result is that we end up running in circles looking for answer in wrong places and one more reason women should not be trusted with making important decisions.

A young man killed his own mother in a gruelling attack somewhere in the east last year on the ground that she was the one responsible for all his misfortune of not having a job after school. The young man was blinded to he fact that he was not alone that millions of Nigerians are in the same shoes.

Unfortunately, we do have women like Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio, the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Nigeria whose speciality is to promote lies.  Undercover  from the UK revealed what can only be described as child abuse. Apostle Helen is only one out of many witch hunters in Nigeria, there are hundreds of them around.

Witch-hunting on vulnerable citizens only shows ignorant of the people.  This is our own attitude that belongs in a different era and has no place in modern time.

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  1. I think more hoodoo and witchcraft have been done on women versus the other way around. I have to quote Tupac, ” When things went wrong-we blamed mama!”

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  2. Yet another case of denial (which really annoys me). I think Nigerians love ‘denial’, but needless denial is tantamount to lies.

    We are primarily respnsible for our lives and actions. We are grown adults. there is some such thing as ’cause and effect’. To not understand doesn’t mean it it necessary to clasp onto some spurious theory, to account for a phenomenon, we have not reached the stage where we can account for all occurs in the natural world. Those things we don’t understand, we should be humble enough to recognise that we don’t know everything, and trusting someone (who is no more knowledgable) who can’t bring irrefutable proof is just plain foolish.

    Once again FK, you shine the light of reason onto such outdated notions.

    This witchcraft thing also occurs in Ghana and in East Africa also. Old women have been driven out of villages due to some make believe ‘nonsense’. They are then left to wander until they can find a home elsewhere or die forsaken by their “community”.

    Killing your own mother is a bit drastic, if the individual (from the East) had issues, why not simply run away. Surely murdering someone simply compounds one’s problems. (Now that they have slain their mother, do they now have a job? – you see what I mean). The best solution would be to sit down and rationalise, but failing that running away or leaving is preferable.

    What good is gained by spreading such malicious rumours and superstition, fortunately ‘culture’ evolves, and through avenues like this, will hopefully move things onto a more positive position.

    As for the page 3 thing in the UK Sun newspaper. It is a matter of choice, you buy the newspaper knowing what to expect. Those who don’t like it, shouldn’t buy it. Some people like to see naked ladies, there’s a time and a place for everything, but I don’t think reading that in public is appropriate myself, but each to their own.

    Sometimes, I wonder if all this ‘tradition’ was dreamt up to make people’s lives a misery. The custodians of ‘culture’ couldn’t bear to see people happy and emancipated and this burdened them down with a whole series of ‘traditional beliefs’ to wipe the smile off their faces.

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    • Spot on re denial. We are in denial about lot of things, big time. See, the ‘respect your elder’ tradition has been taking to beyond reasonable to idiocy. What happens is even if you know better, you are still supposed to listen to the elder who is following the ‘pass me down’ seriously diluted information from the 1800s – the way we used to and must continue same way mentality.

      People don’t take defeat with grace so instead they insist their old way is the only way. Christianity, for example has not made the concept of witches to be the cause of all our headaches in Nigeria any easier, most of the witch hunt today are in the churches and people believed all the c**p.

      Most don’t know that ‘aye’ (world) is as big as it is, they do not know that other nations have gone through many of our challenges today, for example Europe renaissance in the 1600s, the church being separated from the state to help citizens make independent decisions – but it doesn’t have to take us long given lots of exposure to information of today.

      If people know that killing anyone will have consequences i.e been locked up regardless of who you are, then attitude will change…until then we live for ‘e go better.’


  3. Good that page three of The Sun has become the subject of serious discussions.
    Are the women coerced to pose naked?

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    • Good question, I would think most do it to keep roof over the head – day job, no problem. However, this sort of public musings on women bodies especially with pg 3 started in a different era where women are mostly viewed as one thing – sexual object.

      Women have progressed significantly now than the 1970s and some images like in the midst of other unrelated news aren’t that funny anymore.

      Plenty of medium now to see more of the same even more explicit images in magazines/internet dedicated to just that.

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