Speak up against injustice to be a ranter

This is an old event of January 8th 2011. It was circulated via email. Here is a few lines from the message.

“On Saturday, the 8th of January 2011, a Luxury bus departed Maiduguri en route to Lagos.  As the bus approached The City of Jos from Bauchi, the bus was stopped at roadblock.  Gunmen entered the bus and ordered all Muslims off the bus.  These gunmen proceeded to set the bus ablaze with all remaining passengers inside.  Most of the victims in the bus were from the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria, both The East and The West all heading south.”

I forwarded this message to a few close friends, I was terrified to say the least. Everyone felt the same horror that I felt and shared their thoughts.

One friend who is a university lecturer has this to say ” your last email had me investigating the content. It is not true to Nigeria. Things are happening here but not on the scale of the picture that you sent. That’s a relief to know. Maybe it is an attempt at making Nigeria look bad… The story about the killing in the bus is also doubted. It is not documented anywhere

 IMAGEThis morning when I woke to read words being thrown back and forth between Nigeria Director of Defence Information Gen. Chris Olukolade and Mrs Oby Ezekwesili on Fart Thoughts aka twitter, the whole argument reminded me of the terrible event of 2011 when Boko Haram attacks was getting off the ground, attacks were persistent in the northeast, however, for the most part Nigerians were in denial about it all.

Mrs Ezekwesili and her team have been very vocal against abduction of Chibok girls from start without a fail reminding Nigerians about the abducted girls almost daily, this action is unprecedented in Nigeria, we forget things, anything – easily, we are quick to move on hoping for miracles.

I am not entirely surprised General Chris Olukolade took to twitter earlier on today to attack the lady and expecting private discussions with Mrs Ezekwesili because after six months naturally we would have moved on to another agenda.

 11h11 hours ago – Madam, A privileged citizen like you knows how to to reach us best, if u’ve a genuine report. : We are on top that & fighting! .

I will not even attempt to comment on Gen. Olukolade’s tweet given Mr Jantard Jonathan is there pretending all is well, now that election is around the corner, all that he cared for is to be re-elected to the same position he has failed woefully.

Was our government sympathy towards Charlie Hebdo victims genuine when thousands of our people were being slaughtered for the same offence, Baga being the latest?

Information dissemination is different now, thanks to social media, private citizens are passing information around to alert family and friends. It is up to Nigerians to use this opportunity to our advantage and for once acknowledge the event in the northeast could have been anywhere in the country. Hopefully, we can unitedly focus on Boko Haram rather than individual doing humanitarian work.

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  1. What’s BBOG? I’m lost! Maybe my FF rant today should be on all the show of shame going on in the name of Election and its sycophancies…Incase you don’t see it online, know someone has yanked it off. LOL. Don’t worry I won’t look for their trouble but ….lips sealed.

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  2. FK
    according to this article folks in Nigeria have a lot to be concerned about. The election will not be fair, and we wonder what the fall out will be this time.


    Have you packed your bags, and secured your visa for an emergency escape, should it be necessary? Our Ghanaian sister can perceive the warning signs, which most in Nigeria are oblivious to. What gives? Is she right or wrong. What is your take on the current state of affairs? Thank you.

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    • Well, have you heard about Stomach Infrastructure aka money for votes? That is the name coined earlier last year during Ekiti gubernatorial election.
      To avoid the repeat of Ekiti, during Osun election, we had unprecedented number of armed security guys in the state so much so it was intimidating but there was relative peace and the vote I believe was fair – the right guy won.

      We are in denial, that’s true. If I go by what happened in August during Osun election, I would say atmosphere will be unease, armed security guys will be on high alert to maintain peace at polling stations, but given this is a national election, I really do hope the govt opened up to help from the neighbouring countries at least to keep disruptions from the northeast at bay.

      ha, ha, will I be able to sleep you sofa, me and the extended family members, only about two dozens of them? 🙂


      • I understand the part where local security in the south will apparently calm fears. But in the north, where terrorism is widespread, many will stay away out of fear, given this case, this is an easy base from which Buhari’s supporters can cry foul. The next thing we know is more violence and destruction.

        If Jonathan can’t guarantee security throughout his presidency, what makes you think people in the north will trust him with their lives to go and vote and be killed, when in all likelihood their votes will be ignored?

        I don’t really blame Jonathan, more like the people of Nigeria for allowing such a deterioration in the state of affairs as how the country is run. The unconstitutional rotation of power, should be kicked out, those who proposed and implemented it should be arrested. This is a democracy, where the vote of the ordinary man, is meant to be the decider. If Brazil a mighty country, could vote Dilma Roussef back into power by the tiniest of margins, without the country erupting into flames. You can say that is South America (and they are hundreds of years ahead of Nigeria, this maybe true). How about Zambia and Ghana, which have both witnessed a peaceful transfer of power, both African nations. Sri Lanka managed it recenlty when the incumbent Rajapakse, who ruled the country with an iron fist was voted out, Sri Lanka is not smouldering. Nigerians to date always screw things up, and wonder why the world doesn’t take them seriously!

        People are still living out of jerry cans for water and fuel, a washing machine is an unheard of luxury adn running water is something that occurs in people’s dreams. We can’t expect to be taken seriously when our standards are so low, they would be deemed unacceptable elsewhere in the world. But the constant habit of denying anything that makes one uncomfortable sees the country stuck right where it is, so it is in the same category as nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia.

        I remember in the past my relatives would be moving their families back to their ethnic enclaves until the election was over. This is so ridiculous, in Britain, the Scots don’t run back to Scotland, and the Welsh to Wales or Northern Irish to Norrhern Ireland when elections role around. I’m sure this also applies to Zambia and Ghana, so why must Nigeria distort what can be made to work elsewhere.

        I hope you and your family stay safe throughout this period. You have the added comfort that you are on home turf, so you are relatively secure.

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        • Quite right, we have low standard and likely to continue because we are in denial. People around the world know that, all too obvious as you step out of the airport, but we all need to see it too.

          The resent stats about growing economy and Nigeria being giant of Africa is meant to further mask the mess because wealth is still very much concentrated in the hands of the few. High population is our only advantage.

          Nigerians are funny, we love to present only the rosy part of us to the outside world while reality on ground for most people is pitiful – this is evidenced with Boko Haram.

          I don’t pray south will be disrupted during Feb election but I know there is absolutely nothing stopping this, we have seeing it done in Lagos, Abuja + Jos. I don’t trust a word coming out of GEJ, however, he is saying something about assuring peaceful election, still don’t trust him but I think both main parties especially APC would need to assure citizens of their safety so they can come out to vote.

          You are right about the mob in the north that would ‘explode’ in the name of supporting Buhari – only reason for this is that they are supporting ‘their own’ what can I say. Hopefully, they’ll be sent to school after election.

          And you are right with not blaming GEJ, I blame Nigerians too especially the educated idiots propagating lies to sway more ‘e go better’ folks.


          • Personally, I don’t see a high population with finite resources as an advantage.
            To my mind a population of 100 million is plenty. These days due to mechanisation and greater efficiency in production there isn’t the need for manpower as before. Nigeria is not like South Korea or Japan, where every citizen is well educated, clean, nourished and respectable, living in decent condtions and has a hope of a reasonable job.
            Instead Nigeria with it’s estimated 180 million people, many are illiterate, malnourished, dirty, violent, live in inhuman surroundings, employment is hard to come by, and Nigerians are now an international menace, be it through Boko Haram or being a nuisance in the form of illegal migrants. I think the former is better. Decent standard of living comes with breathing space, not squashing people like cattle into a truck.
            Nigeria is not coping with 100 million, yet we have a futher 80 million ontop and it is rising fast, with no one with any sensible plan on how to cater for all. Only silly and stupid arguments, like people should return to their ‘home’ regions. Yet Nigerians are the one’s overwhelming other countries with the number of illegal migrants wanting to settle and enjoy a better life, one that Nigerians refuse to build in their own country. A big population is not necessary to grow the economy, Switzerland, Belgium have a small poplutions and large economy. That is just my take on this whole population issue.

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            • Well said. Nothing to add. If all Nigerians who can read and write can do this honest self-assessment, we are not too far from self sufficient and better nation for all.

              I really do need to learn to make my points clearer 🙂 high population in that sense means we have labour plenty of it and of course useless as unskilled especially when Chinese have to bring 3,000 of their own along to construct railway line in Kano (?).

              We’re basket case of wahala but I am hopeful, at least we can be our own critics, hopefully this will provoke sustainable actions that will encourage change for better.


  3. It makes me angry, as a citizen, to think that the president is still silent over the Baga massacre and yet sent his “condolences” to the Parisians. Makes one wonder if he even values the Nigerian life in the first place. It’s to good to see not everyone has forgotten about the missing chibok girls.

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    • Thanks Ameena, you are not alone my sister and sadder is the fact that Nigerians are fighting one another on very obvious issues that government should be responsible for.

      No, he doesn’t value any life that’s for certain, if not for private citizens, I bet most Nigerians will be in denial about Baga.

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  4. Investigating in Nigeria is difficult, because there are few reputable reliable local sources. Plus all sorts of stupid excuses are given when news arrives late, like distances are too great (such a lie) or is tainted ie undercounting civilian deaths, . The government in Nigeria is known for telling lies, this is even more true under the GEJ government.

    Even if this incident on the roads didn’t occur, other terrible things on a similar if not larger scale have occured and continue to occur. Have there not been massacres occuring in Plateau state, between the indigene people and their Hausa and Fulani neighbours? So this is not beyond the realm of imagination. Another question, is then where did all these burned dead bodies appear from? Who transported them from beyond Nigeria to within Nigeria and dump them there – just to make the government look bad? You can see this is sounding more absurd as we question further.

    One doesn’t need to make up lies to make Nigeria look bad, the country & its citizens already have a terrible reputation around the world. So to discount such stories as malicious lies against Nigeria is foolish, there is no need for anyone to go to such trouble, it is already the case.

    All this talk of the girls, many more have been abducted since then. Many more have died, others have lost their family members and livelihoods (no one ever mentions them).

    These incidents should spark some serious questions. What is happening regarding security? Why has Jonathan appointed people who are clearly not up to the task of running the military professionally? How is it that Boko Haram is spreading? Why have the army been run down, and manned by soldiers with no fight in them? What is happening to the money that is being allocated? Who will restore law and order? Who will vanquish Boko Haram? Has Nigeria’s army been reduced to the status of a parade army (only good for generals to wear badges on ceremonial days, with pretend soldiers parading around the ground)?

    At least this time you are receiving responses on this subject, the last time I looked no one (apart from me responded). One can’t be proud to be a Nigerian, when things like this happen. We are all interconnected, whether we like it or not, so pretending that North East Nigeria is a world away is ridiculous. Sooner or later their suffering will be our suffering, does it have to reach that stage before effective action is taken?

    We have seen terrorist incidents in Canada, Australia and France all occur since Boko Haram emerged and all have been resolved. Even Kenya, brought an end to the shopping mall siege. If it was Nigeria, GEJ would be denying any such thing ever occured.

    AI (Amnesty International), have imagery from space detailing the level of destruction in Baga and Doro Baga. The army as usual ran away like chickens fleeing a fox. Nigeria has satellites, yet we heard nothing. Nigeria has an airforce, they don’t use them. It takes AI to issue an educated guess that around 2000 . Al Jazeera have reports of those survivors making it to Maiduguri, that many people were murdered, the government as usual have tried to lie their way out of the situation saying 150. Considering that around 100 people die when a bomb goes off in the market, we can see that the government is shamelessly undercounting ie denying their citizens the right to be counted as human beings even in death, this is truly sickening. How low is that?

    Madam FK, thank you for being a responsible conscience.

    How much longer, will this atrocious level of governance occur? When will Nigerians wake up?

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    • Thank you so much for the support Mme jco! See, you are spot on there with Nigeria government and lies and the fact that it has gone from bad to beyond worse under Jonathan. This, no one should tolerate. Lies were easy in the past because for the most part, we relied on major newspaper who would only carry news that appease their pay masters, not anymore. Any yet we are still being lied to.

      How much longer? I hope not too long. However, I believe we are going to be in this mess for a little while, it will be better when Nigerians start making demands that all lives should be protected regardless of your location or causes of atrocity.

      Nigerians would wake up when BH extends to the south more than it did in the past, then we will realise BH has no veil on their faces, they’d keep killing and abducting until everyone see them as what they are – against humanity.


      • Thanks for the reply.
        If your learned friend the lecturer (who should know better) can come up with some flimsy excuse to deny that atrocities are occuring in his own backyard, what makes you think that the less well educated and well paid Nigerians care one kobo at the fate of the victims of all these killings?
        Too date, we can see that twitter and all this social media have not dented the capacity of the government to keep on denying and lying, the world rallied behind the Chibok girls, they are still in captivity, $20 billion have disappeared unaccounted for, no one said anything. Billions of dollars, have been invested into power generation – yet power is unreliable. Has social media really curtailed the government in it’s shameful activities? Northern states embezel billions of dollars and their people continue to sink into deeper depths of poverty and hardship.
        We have seen how one of the leading candidates of the US (Hilary Clinton) view the Nigerian government, in a poor light (a big understatement), one only wonders how other world leaders view him and Nigeria.
        Madam FK ( I hope I’m not disrespecting you by calling you Madam, when I was in Nigeria last, any powerful woman was referred to as Madam, hence my use of the term), I’m a man, no worries.

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        • Exactly my reason for revealing my friend’s profession because I know we, Nigerians are something else when it comes to paper certificate after all we have a PhD president. People tend to avoid questioning anyone with a degree thinking they know best but we have all seen where that has taking us.

          And on social media, I think it has done well to further expose the depth of deceits Nigerians has to deal with – one message contradicting the previous one – most make no sense at all but really quite entertaining so ordinary people like me could giggle and just wish w’ll one day wake up.

          Not at all, you didn’t disrespect but quite embarrassing putting me together with Naija powerful women (laughing my head off). Nigeria Madams often come with army of servants, I am far from that. FK is just fine 🙂


  5. speak up or forever hold your nose and vote for the same old bastards and stay the hell out of my sight!

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    • Thank you for the support. The same old bastards sadly are her to stay for a little while more, just hoping that won’t be too long from now.

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      • I noticed my friend out and about in enemy territory today and the people didn’t stone him, is he feeling brave or what?

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        • Well, very kind of him to go albeit late. Good to hear he’d step on the soil to see for himself, hopefully there’s heart there somewhere in his chest to feel hurt.

          I would not have thought Nigerians would stone him, he is not that important given thousands of lives have been lost already. The fair is in head, people just want someone to show they matter and perhaps help put end to all of this.

          Wouldn’t call that bravery, he went because civilians would not be kept quiet.

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  6. Sorry to be the party popper here, but I am afraid most of those girls are never going to be found. It is sad but true. Boko Haram is no different from ISIL and their reign of terror is very similar in all respects. They target everyone that isn’t a part of them, irrespective of religion. That much is clear now & it is in every civilized person or nation’s interest to repel them.

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  7. I am saddened by the lost of lives and the abduction of these young girls. And, pray that the violence ceases and the people of this country no longer have to live in fear.

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  8. Boko needs to bring back the girls, stat. If this happened to 256 white girls in Alabama, there would be vigils every night. I am still tracking news reports about Chibok and cheering every time a girl escapes or more info about their whereabouts emerges.

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    • I know. It is disheartening enough that people were being killed but to know some were abducted living in fear everyday is sickening…

      Heavens know what is happening to the girls now.


      • You cannot begin to imagine the crazy thoughts that fly in my head every time I read, hear and remember Boko Haram, their evil deeds, the silent gov’t, the silent non-gov’t, the plotters (behind the scene)…all the actors in this ‘film’ and the missing girls. Like #thatssojacob noted, I cheer (though sadly, cos I’m trying to stay out of her head and not remember her ordeal) everytime one is free and taken away from this madness.

        I’m not praying they get to the south for ALL to wake up, I’m praying they cease to be from sponsor to sponsee (if there’s such a word). Just sad. 😦

        Inbtw: What I don’t get is the way we (people and gov’t …of course not everyone) carry on as if these occurrences are a figment of a mad man’s imagination and perhaps a dream that disappears everytime we wake. But reality answers back with more killings, bombing and kidnapping (of boys too!). Folakemi, this reality is one I can’t wish away until it actually stops and then we begin to deal with the trauma…..

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        • You said it all Imani. Somewhere on BBC says Nigeria government is looking for a big red button to press so all the wahala could pafuka – not going to happen, it has to be persistent with strong determination that this must stop.

          BBOG is a prompt, in reality everyone is affected. And you are right, we can not wish this away, here to stay until we all joined in to condemn it with all that we have got. I don’t pray it gets to the south neither but will it not, if not curtailed?

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