Who says Africa is not a country?

Formal president of United States of America, George W. Bush is known for many things among which is his famous blanket statement about Africa “…Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease.” Africans were not amused by this statement. People were quick to point out so many factors that differentiate us from one another, some were true but others – not so much

George W. Bush statement about Africa having incredible disease is to a large extent was true. Take for example the President of The Gambia Alhaji Yahya Jammeh who was recently ‘crowned’ as the West Africa’s King of Impunity. Gambia: MFWA Crowns the President of the Gambia ‘West Africa’s King of Impunity’ by the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA). 

Impunity is one of many issues that African countries have in common so when I read this:

The MFWA calls on governments in West Africa, the ECOWAS, the African Union and the United Nations to help combat this enormous problem and pressure the Jammeh government to adhere to the rule of law and fulfil its regional and international human rights treaty obligations.

Calling on West Africa? Certainly not Nigeria given impunity is the order of the day for our public officials. High profile murder cases Bola Ige, Ken Saro Wiwa, Dele Giwa and the ongoing killing spree in the north, Chibok girls are still missing – all of these have Nigeria government written all over them. Lives of ordinary people is like a game. 

Very sad that we have plenty of Yahya Jammeh all over Africa torturing their own people.

Gambia has one of the most established tourism industries in West Africa frequented mostly by the Europeans. Do Yahya Jammeh and his likes all over West Africa thought people are not seeing this? Any wonder why Africans don’t have it easy around the world?

People know about George W. Bush disparagement many speeches but on this one, he was not too far away from the truth.


“Ignorance isn’t bliss it’s an instrument for dominance.” – George The Poet, a rising UK artist.

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  1. If I were the Secretary General of The United Nation , I would have moved that the doctrine of non Interference in the Affairs of Nations be amended such that it will be Limited by non abuse of the Principles of Human Right which should be defined like FIFA’S recent goal criteria. The Muketeers’s Principle of “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL ” SHOULD DETERMINE THE PRINCIPLE OF A UNITED NATION!!!

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  2. You know, you started out right (G.Bush being some wrong a misstatement machine) made excellent commentary on the MFMA referencing Mr. jammeh, et al and very on point regarding the differences/cultures that exist between the “nations” on the “continent” of Africa (perhaps Bush skipped his geography lesson the day that was discussed) as always you disseminate socially relevant and aware information on Nigeria and his “beloved” leaders politics (even while not identifying him by name) but you rather oddly ended your eloquence by assuming that Mr. bush “on this one” (the african disease opinion) was “not too far away from the truth” Really now Folakemi, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile, credit the man for actually – almost being coherent – that may be a bridge to far!

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    • What can I say, with all the money and Harvard Uni education, not many people would doubt George Bush skipped way too many geography lessons. Oh perhaps he only skipped the ones that were of little importance to him afterall he was surprised Brazil had black people too. Good gracious! You guys still had him for 8 whole years! See, my friend is a light year away from this guys…

      My ‘credit’ as you rightly put it was G. Bush been the blind squirrel, was spot on. Maybe enough people will be pissed off with me so they change their ways so Blind Squirrels will have no nuts to bite on.

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