Yoruba heritage – Cultural narrative on batik


Sangodare Ajala Initiation – Oro sise

Batik here is an amazing creation of Sangodare Ajala – Obatala and Sango priest was unveiled at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford by Prof Wole Soyinka 04 May.

The story of Yoruba initiation into Obatala priesthood – god of creation as well as that of Sango, god of Thunder was vividly told in this artwork. From the little child in the basinet being welcomed to the world through the rituals of esentanye while the whole village stood, with tilted heads towards the sky in unity pleading to the gods on behalf of the baby. According to Baba Ajala, initiation can be done at anytime during lifetime, giving everyone opportunity to connect spiritually.

Also visible from the painting were market women with their produce well-balanced on the heads as if on the way to the market – colourful outfits, chatting happily along. Men in their elaborate agbada outfits in mood…

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  1. Many thanks Adenle for the comment and for the full meaning of Esentaye – learning!

    Elebuibon – I love that Baba, his voice is enchanting!


  2. ” ESENTANYE” is an abbreviation of ISISE N TE AIYE that is The first lifting of the leg to step into the World by any Being.The World renouned Ifa priest Elebuibon can corroborate this. So said my Father.

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