Black women skin bleaching – to what end?

Just read a bit about Snail White, a popular bleaching cream in Asia – Interesting to know that not only blacks are brain washed about wanting to look white.


Skin bleaching or skin toning as some people prefer to call it has been around in Nigeria for a long time. In the ’70s Satina Skin Tone Cream was quite popular among the youths as the “thing” to do for a lovely skin complexion. I have known for a long time now that one main reason we have people peeling off their skins to be lighter than their original skin tone is lack of self-love. Most of what we were made to belief about what skin bleaching or toning would do to self-confidence only exists in the head.

Photo Credits: TJ Bello @ Nigeria Nostalgia Project Photo Credits: TJ Bello @ Nigeria Nostalgia Project

Black women bleaching their skin to oblivion always makes headlines on newspapers not because it’s any positive news but because it shows how insecure the person under the skin was. Oftentimes, this is triggered by the fact that the society tend to equate light-skinned shades…

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  1. Sad if people are not comfortable in their own skin! 😞

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  2. Not going to go there Folakemi, not even going to try! Nice read however

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    • Ha ha! The fact you commented at all tells me you are itchy to share plenty! Please!!
      Or someone is afraid a lady would show up saying ‘ hey J, didnt I strip my epidermis off for you in the 70’s?’ Lol!
      Happy international Men’s Day to you!


      • o-u-c-h !!!!! dang girl, you are wise beyond your years, I have no comment (actually, I don’t; funny that) regarding this, I do understand why it was done (and in some circles still is) I refuse to acknowledge or accept the reasoning behind it – short of racial self-hatred – but okay, if that’s your thing so be it (Michael Jackson had a skin condition that more-or-less dictated he do what he did (to the degree he “did” can be discussed – and has been ad nauseum – but hey) my sister, by way of information, has the same condition – not as wide spread, but yeah, I understand the background, as to your question: to what end? lord knows I have no clue on that one, it’s not as easily dismissed as I have tried, but still and all . . . said I wouldn’t talk about this, sigh

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  3. A purposeless mind wanders a lot. Bleaching could be an option for it easily. God created us to grow better at piety, not to bleach to look beautiful to blind fools.

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