Mrs Doubtfire and Nigerians view of depression


Walking into a new job few years ago, I was confronted with a real life Mrs Doubtfire (Not Robbin Williams). As I sat on the opposite chair listening to my new boss giving the rundown of the office culture, I nodded along to suggest my agreement with a little smile at the corner of my mouth. My head was doing something different, I tried really hard to remember where I had met my new manager before. The memory was a happy one so the more I tried to divert my thinking the more I thought of it.

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As I stepped away from my office later in the day, I ran into a colleague who asked me out for lunch. I shared what I was thinking about our manager that she looked very familiar but I was having trouble placing her. Jonathan looked up with bright smile on his face, giggling like a child –…

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  1. Thank you Madam.

    Obtaining the right information is very expensive in Nigeria. Most Mental health patients end up on different religious mountains across Nigeria and as you rightly pointed out because of shame.

    There is hope springing up though – Ibadan teaching hospital now has very dedicated section that looks after psychiatry issues including children, a family member who has been sang their praises (this is after she was fed up with son been drugged up on the mountain). And the drug is not even expensive,700 naira/month (well, depending on the exact condition) not as it is used to be.

    How do we get this information to our people so they make use of the services available? Well, mindset of many has to change first.



  2. Thanks, Fola for sharing this important subject on which Nigerians either play the ostrich or condemn the victim. Seeing psychiatrists – I’m not even aware if people know the tremendous help psychologists can be to the mentally-afflicted – is the last things most people will consider because mentl illness is viewed as something shameful.


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