Whose idea is this? – Buhari vs. Jonathan

Both very bad joke.

A few years ago I was at work with a few of my colleagues, everyone minding their business so we could finish on time. One of the professors came around and asked “Hey there, how would you prefer to be compensated for today”? I looked up from what I was doing and motioned for him to continue, so he said “would you like to get double pay or a day off work”? Knowing Vincent was a joker, I smiled at him and said that I would have preferred not to be at work at all on a Saturday, plenty of sleep and gossips to catch up on. Vincent laughed and so I said it would have been better if there were a third option and of course this third option wasn’t on the table.

It was unnecessary to play down the sacrifices that myself and colleagues made that day just because of the compensation.

So sometimes last month when I read about Buhari vs. Jonathan for 2015 presidential election – I can only see how bad this joke was. What can I say, I enjoy the perks of free speech. Here goes:

Let’s start from General Muhammadu Buhari, a retired Major General, ex President of Nigeria under military regime between 1983 and 1985, now 68 years old. I was in primary school by the time he resumed office. I still remember my school being made to sing WAI (War Against Indiscipline) song along national anthem in the assembly every morning. The lyrics of the song, truer today than it was in the 1980s – corruption and indiscipline was at their infancy at that time – today corruption is not stealing, this according to GEJ.

Buhari was ousted in a coup led by General Ibrahim Babangida in 1985. Now, ever since this event, the only time ex-president Buhari had been on the national news was his unrelenting ambition to be back at Aso Rock. He ran unsuccessfully in – 2003, 2007 and 2011 and now again 2015. Give me a break.

Is this really about serving the people of Nigeria or using public offices to get back to some political enemies? APC can do better than this if they are indeed a progressive party. 

On Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) – It does not matter how many genius advisors you have behind this guy, he just does not have what it takes to move Nigeria out of the mess we are. The guy out of desperation for another term in office has turned himself to religious puppets whose head is remotely controlled by those who didn’t believe in the idea of a peaceful nation.

Since GEJ resumed office, it has been one thing after the other. See my rants here. And just when I thought I’ve seen it all he did this: hitting his head on Jerusalem Wailing Wall ‘praying’ to God just because there is no wall holy enough within the country. With him on this trip were a few Nigerian top celebrity pastors, I bet they have done well now to convince their congregation Jonathan is the best man to vote for in 2015 election. 

Now, if you ask me neither ex military President Buhari nor sitting President Jonathan is good enough for Nigeria.

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  1. BOTH BUHARI AND JONATHAN ARE NOT FIT. If there is no other alternative then Manage Jonathan for the sake of Peace and Continuity !!!

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    • Thank you.

      First of all, there is no peace and there hasn’t been for a long time now. The fact that Boko Haram killings is concentrated in the northeast should not be seen as if they do not count. Over 200 hundreds girls were taken alive and no trace of them. Omo eni ku san ju omo eni nu lo (a diseased child is easier to mourn about than the kidnapped ones) and also hundreds of people have been killed since BH started – no, there is no peace.

      It is north today, where else tomorrow?

      Secondly, Nigeria will be better with anyone but GEJ for so many reasons, he is doing all he can to surround himself with thugs with no hearts/brains, and of course this is Nigeria, if opposition party puts Buhari forward, GEJ will win, no doubt because youths will give up and not vote.


  2. That makes the two of us, Folakemi. None of them is fit to be there, we’ve had enough, the hell-on-earth has to stop! But then again, who else is there we should ask. I think for now, evil rules and we can’t help ourselves.

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  3. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Understanding the deep, unabashed and abiding, love and affection you have for my ‘friend’ I knew you’d find some way to endorse him for president (if only I could see the look of utter disdain on your face right now!) Neither of the two “gentlemen” you referenced – sigh including my bff – should be considered to lead your country, but who has the temerity (and backing of the C.I.A.) – we do have free speech as well – to run for office? No one wants the trouble associated with it, nor do they have the backing (tribal/money/foriegn) to succeed. So you are pretty much stuck with what you have, and for my money (and the theatre of it all) you know where I’d go, so perhaps you should encourage (and I know how this may sound) people to abstain, stay home and accept what will be, my “main-man” (and the person you love to hate) may in fact in his second try, be better than currently presented – at least Folakemi, we can hope – meanwhile, “good luck” with that and may the “best man” win

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  4. Hi Folake,
    I agree with you that none of the present presidential candidates may be able to salvage Nigeria from her current crisis. There’s an urgent need for a charismatic (young) leader come 2015, if the lost glory of our dear country is to be restored.

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    • Bless you Hope and thank you for the candid comment.

      I am not sure what APC leaders were thinking, why not Fashola, Lagos state governor whose work we’ve seen? Oh…must be grandfather I suppose! Achebe was right There was a country indeed!



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