A Sliver of hope

Rays of hope as a reminder that it’s not all bad. I believed this and hold on tightly to it.

I have taken so many photos in the last years of my wander round my town, my state and my country. I hope to do more in future as this strengthens my hope in humanity and that the struggle, the hard work that many Nigerians are putting into changing the fate of our country will pay off.

Here is my town, Modakeke, this particular photo is not the one that the town is known for, usually the photos I see and the ones on the internet are that of burnt houses/churches/schools. This Anglican church is in the heart of the town and it has survived all the crisis since 1980s, many churches especially around the borders did not make it. Sometimes, we are angry at God too!IMG_2523














My visit to Osogbo Grove renewed my hope in Yoruba culture. Amazing preservation work of Susanne WengerMay her soul rest in peace.
















These were taking at Obafemi Awolowo Zoo Ile Ife. The last time I visited which was about 17 years ago, the lion at the time was starved. Seeing this in October last year, well fed and looking content  – my hope was renewed.
















Maybe there is hope after all.

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  1. Oh wow. As sad as I was in the opening, I’m glad to know more of your journey. And yes, the lion is beautiful – a heartwarming symbol of better days.

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  2. So happy to see the beauty you can see, even in the mist of ruins, love to you my friend! Connecting with love!

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  3. Your home town looks beautiful! Great photos…do continue posting photos as it gives me a chance to see your country. Love the Lion! Gorgeous as he sits peacefully. Just like Lion King in Disney’s creation. 😄

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  4. Infectious sentiments, I’m only too glad to have a piece of it also.
    There is hope yet…… we all need to believe some more & work towards attainment.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. PS. And by the way Folake, please keep the wanderings going – and the photographs coming!

    Best wishes.

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  6. Thanks Folakemi. Another short but good essay that stamps you “homegrown” and “feet firmly planted on earth”!

    Although I’m not the zoo-going type and have never visited Ife Zoo, I can’t believe it has lions – or at least one. Your little anecdote about a starved lion reminds me of the story about the Agodi Zoo at Ibadan. After a return to the country, I found the “Garden” desolate while driving through Parliament Road and on asking what had become of the place because we used to buy life Xmas tree from a corner, I heard the horror story of how the animals, emaciated from starvation, had migrated out! What happened thereafter, none I asked knew.

    And by the way, my home church at Iju in Ondo State, also a St. Stephen’s, had the foundation laid by His Grace, the Most Reverend Leslie Gordon Vining in 1908; he was the Archbishop of the Anglican Province of West Africa. The old guy must have had a link with St. Stephen’s – the Saint or a church. Our church, though was no magnificent piece of church architecture like Modakeke’s, Iju’s being a village church and predating Modakeke’s iconic building by about a half century. It has now been rebuilt but the old church, along with the plaque, remains and is now used as a Sunday school.

    I have a picture of the old church that has the plaque reproduced in the biography of my father and will remember to scan and send it to you to be affixed here when I return to Nigeria some months from now. When I’m next at Ife, I’ll visit the church.

    The Osogbo shrine is magnificent!

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    • E se o. Yes, please would be glad to put the photo up here.

      There were two lions outside last October. OAU Ife zoo suffered similar fate as Agodi zoo with animals escaping from the zoo to the nearby villages. A friend of mine whose village is behind the campus talked about her dad’s trap catching animals that are not local to the area but as you know, gbogbo ejo jije ni!

      Hey – Ondo Egin ni yin?
      Anglican Church in Modakeke is iconic indeed and the recent ‘facelift’ really helps to bring it alive, I heard the church was given a new title in the state hence the face lift. It adds colour to the town no doubt.

      Re osogbo shrine, my favourite part of the place is the river, it is so nice to see a river flowing freely with no debris on the path, I could stare at it all day long!


  7. The photos are beautiful, and I really enjoyed reading the post. Just a note, though: remember that although God is all powerful, He doesn’t force His will on us. It is people who create the problems and make the messes. God allows us to make our own decisions. We kick Him out of everything, then run to Him and ask Him to fix it, all the while blaming Him for the situation. Yet, He still loves us and is willing to help us. My favorite (or one of my favorite) verse in the Bible is Romans 8:28–“For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” God promises that if we love Him, He will turn our messes into blessings, for our good and His glory. He requires so little of us really: to love HIm, really love Him, as we would love our spouse, our chldren, as a bride adores her husband. Jesus said if we love Him we’ll keep His commandments. Love is a verb.

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    • Thank you lovessiamese for this, appreciate it. See, this is exactly the sayings and bible verses that many of my people were given daily and they believed it hence most were able to keep heads above water daily. It worked I suppose.

      However, I am not sure entirely about all these anymore especially when peoples trust and gullibility are been taking advantaged of.


      • People took advantage of Jesus too. Where were all the people He healed when He was facing Pilate? When they blindfolded Him, spat on Him, yanked His beard out, and punched His face? Where were they when the crowd cried “Crucify Him?” He who had never done anything wrong, never had an evil thought, forgave His tormentors. All we deserve is hell, so anything we get less than that is a blessing. I remind myself daily that the world is filled with people who need to receive the gift of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are mistreated because they (and we) are sinners. The only difference is, some of us are viewed by God through the shed blood of His dear Son. Don’t let the attitudes of others discourage you. Sometimes God allows trouble into our lives to get the impurities out of us. All the junk comes to the top, then God cleans it up and we’re better for it. But sometimes the purification process takes a while. Hang in there, my friend. Many times in the Bible it is stated, “And it came to pass. . . ” that means it didn’t come to stay. Remember this life is temporary, but God offers us eternal life with Him in the New Jerusalem sometime in the future. Our job is to show His love to the people who are the hardest to love. It isn’t easy.

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  8. Yes, hold to that hope. Lovely post.

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  9. ahhh, how sweet, so you really are a “home town” girl after all, nice tour of your ‘town’ very well done, let us hope the lion (as well as the other “captives”) at the zoo live long and prosper, even tho personally don’t approve of keeping any of god’s creatures behind bars (except those who do harm to others) will have to visit the Osobo Grove one day soon, perhaps on my good “friends” inauguration; that is if you approve! thanks for the tour and for your admiration of your home!

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    • Yes o, at heart I am. Too much memories there. I have in the recent years raise my head to see those beauties – they are the reasons the caged birds sing. Believe me that lion is better off in the zoo – we eat everything and anything. Why do think the one I saw years ago was starved? LOL

      You’ll love Osogbo, plan it around Osun Festival, arrive a few days before the festival to enjoy the area without the crowd.

      The thought your ‘friend’ might be inaugurated again in 2015 is…am just going to laugh it off. This is Nigeria, everything is possible especially when our values have price tag attached. And say hypothetically, he did win – you have my approval to go, lots of fun awaits! (pun intended)

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