Palm oil production in Nigeria


If you’ve never visited other people’s farm, you’ll spend the rest of your life believing your father’s farm was the best – goes a Yoruba saying.

Everyday, presents itself with yet another opportunity to learn new things.

Growing up in the village, I naively thought Nigeria was the only place in the world that produces palm oil, even when I read years ago that palm trees grow in other tropical countries around the world, my imagination could not stretch enough to picture similarities and differences in the farming, harvesting and production of palm oil in other people’s land.

I recently learnt that Nigeria in the 1960s produces 43% of the world palm oil while Malaysia around the same time produced less than 10%. Today, Malaysia and Indonesia are the two main exporters of palm oil with Indonesia in the lead. Between both two countries, they produce yearly 90% of the world palm…

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  1. I cannt find the reblog icon.



  2. Now, you’ve already answered a question I posed in my last comment. Anyway, Osun is also upcountry! I was just going to glance through this but not when I saw it’s about the lordly palm tree.

    This is wonderful; you’ve shown yourself a true farmer’s daughter. I’ll reblog this essay to share.

    My regards,

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