Corporal punishment – Adults’ misplaced emotions or cultural?


Nigeria – Corporal punishment they say is in our culture.

Most people in position of authority are incapable of using appropriate form of discipline to instil positive behaviour in our society. This is evidenced all around us, at home, schools and other public places.

Even Nigerians in diaspora were always advised to not forget “our culture” in their adopted countries, by this it means children must be flogged in order to get points across, and some of them indeed do follow this insane advise or did it because that is their only way of bringing up a disciplined child.

Last weekend as I sat at a 60th birthday party of a very nice lady, who has achieved so much all round success in her life, everyone looked so happy to be there and to celebrate her life. Then we had a comedian whose jokes was a added pleasure to already good mood…

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