Once upon a time in Nigeria God was easy to worship


You won’t need to be an Economist or Academic of any sort to see this, just wander round the town, pick any town randomly, the evidence is overwhelmingly choking – choking is the word as it really captures the full extent of impact religion has on citizens today.

What is going on regarding religion in Nigeria today is Economics in its entirety. Christianity for example in Nigeria is a free market – unregulated free from government control. Pastors/Reverend/Daddy or whatever titles they choose for themselves are completely free to operate anywhere they wanted. However, the outcry that we have in the country today was not because people are against free market it is just that free market of religion is equal to disaster, people are choking out of religion been imposed on them daily. The imposition of religion especially christianity is unbelievably contradicting to what they preachand yet they…

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