An African City episodes and the bathroom etiquette


What a breath of fresh air to watch an African show, based in Africa, and about what we can all relate to, be returnees or not –  most importantly entertaining with lots of laughs and a bit of ‘take home’ lesson to implement.

In episode 2 Sexual Real Estate  at 11.31, when Nana commented on the guy doing his business against a metal gate, I was very pleased that this side of us that needed attention is out in the open as it is long overdue. Lacking proper bathroom etiquette is no ones culture, it is a learned disgusting habit and just not cool.

What is most annoying though was the fact that Africans do not only do this at home, this disgusting habits followed us everywhere. I am aware of the fact that landlords at home, Nigeria for example would rather spend money on celebrating 10th year anniversary of their…

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