Dehumanisation in Nigeria


In Nigeria we have a lot of issues that are hindering our progress in all facets of life – dehumanisation is one of them. It’s effect is so profound that ethnic differences is the first defence mechanism used whenever there is any disagreement, it doesn’t matter what the subject was, someone has got to bring the fact that his or her tribe is better than the other up.  And of course tribalism is only second to religion as a way of keeping people chasing shadows.

Dehumanisation comes in different forms. Ethnically Nigeria is a very diverse country and to be able to see how brain-washed we are, you may need to throw away the ethnic cap to see clearly how heavily wounded we all are due to mentality that we all grew up with and also the constant reminders that we are better than our brothers and sisters not because of…

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  1. That’s unfortunately the state of affairs in Nigeria. People should look beyond ethnicity and embrace ‘one Nigeria’. This is the only forward if the country is to make progress. Inefficiency and mediocrity are the other of the day because of the so-called quota system. No country ever develops like this.
    Wake up my dear country men and women!

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