Nigeria Christianity – The nation’s next colonialism

There is a piece of news floating around that Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State has recently approved 51 million naira to acquire a crusade land in the state and will be developed by the state. The story is here.

Now, I know our leaders don’t read as they are too busy making yet another decision that will keep us down forever so I would be brief.

According to Andrews Atta-Asamoah and Jean-Michel Severino in a resent research stated that Africa has the largest number under 20s in the world, with Nigeria having between 35 -45% of the population, that is huge! Here. With almost half the population being your, they need jobs and if you ask me not yet another church.

Given that in Nigeria especially if you live in the south, within any one mile radius you would have at least 5 different churches, that is if you are lucky, it is significantly more in towns and cities. Shops, schools and business centers are hired for endless day and night vigils. The noise, the noise, is deafening to put it mildly.

No point being upset about these guys’ decision as it wouldn’t help us, however, just in case if Governor Aregbosola is not sure of what the youth of his state needed:

  • Youths need programs that will help them out of the streets and to jobs.
  • Obviously the state has no job for everyone, so the state need to help encourage and assist youths to be self employed.
  • We need kids to stay in schools so schools building need to be well maintained and supervised so it seized to be mini markets and churches.
  • We need our land for cultivation as it helps villagers to maintain some dignity as self reliant farmers. Stop bribing farmers with cash as you know better that paying them today is robbing children of the area blind of future successes.

To my fellow people of Osun State – I know that we take religion very personally, as you well know we all have pastors and reverends as friends/father/teacher and all. Read about one of the big pastors behind Aregbesola’s decision as reported by Peniel Plus here . After reading, tell me if you genuinely think you’d rather have yet another crusade ground than to see your children or yourselves being employed or better yet setting up your own businesses.

One of the arguments in the paper was that the crusade ground will generate income for the state, well pointless arguing with the Punch writer. How about using this land for cultivation that is naturally meant for and educate people on the importance of food preservation so we could have food all year round.

Also, here is another source on the same issue, here

Redemption Song ‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds.’ Bob Marley. 

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