Smoking ban in Lagos

Smoking ban in public places in Lagos is a positive step forward by the Lagos State government. I am more intrigued by the fact that we are talking about the effects of smoking to our health in the first place rather than fine that is associated with the ban. Enforcement of any law is a whole different issue in my dear country as it is always applied differently depending on who you are/know.

I am hopeful though as Fashola has successfully dealt with some social issues in the state – clearing Oshodi market area is a huge success in my book to mention one. It seems to me that Fashola is a forward thinking governor who cares about the the general public and our health, so hopefully many more states in the country will emulate this initiative and work together to create healthier nation.

Any positive initiative is very welcome as Nigeria goes for now, however, prioritising our actions could be a lot more effective.

Think about this – Lots more people are exposed to carbon monoxide from their generators at home, work places, markets, restaurants, pubs, churches, mosques, fire woods, factories in close proximity to towns, the list goes on than they would from cigarette.

While we are at it, please let’s do something about the bigger problem of carbon monoxide we face daily. It is only a matter of time until half of the population will be deaf from the continuous exposure to the noise from generators and of course smoke is a contributing factor associated to lung cancer but prioritising our worries would help a great deal.

I am happy that now we are wiser and more enlightened than to blame it all on the witches and wizards so when we turned deaf and or have lung cancer we know exactly where the problem originated from.

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