Nigeria scummers then and now

For over a decade now there has been several thousands of emails sent from scummers (as he calls them) that claimed to be from Nigeria asking for bank details so they could move money around internationally usually the amount is huge in millions of dollars. The gang is widely known as 419. It is not uncommon when you first meet someone for the first time and the only knowledge of the country they have had has been through the email scam experience from a supposedly ex politician asking for assistance to transfer huge sums abroad and in return you will get a cut of the transaction, the reward is usually massive and tempting that lots of people have falling right into the hands of  these 419.

Here is a newspaper clip that a friend of mine in his 70s sent to me yesterday of a scummer who ended up not being very smart, I thought I’d share with all, who knows you might even recognise him.

And of course they are called Yahoo Boys in Nigeria partly because their original mode of reaching out has been through yahoo emails. Now, they are a lot more sophisticated as you can hear from this Tedtalk below. Guess what? James Lyne cited Nigeria cyber criminals in his Tedtalk video. I found his video informative as it is very important to have knowledge of internet security especially now that increasing number of Nigerians access internet.

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  1. Oh well, Nigeria already has bad name. I think Nigerians home and outside of the country only need to play our part no matter how small to show our country in positive lights when she deserves it, Nigerians are doing more harm by pretending these yahoo guys don’t exist.
    Thank you for stopping by.


  2. Sadly, this gives Nigeria a bad name. I also remember several of my colleagues and I received scams saying to remit funds as it seems “we have struck a lottery”

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