At a training session with a fellow Nigerian. The lady was quite passionate about Nigeria, she hopes to return home after her retirement to set up a practice with her son – she would love to give back in her own… Read More ›

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  • New music, old dance

    ‘When the music changes, so does the dance’ This is an adage that serves as a reminder  of importance of awareness to the changing world.   There is a lot of assumptions made on behalf of Nigerians, most of which were… Read More ›

  • A house divided

    Nigeria is what it is, new day presents itself with a whole new story. Here is a story that affects most today’s Nigerians but we often ignore until it is too late. The Cable did a good job detailing events… Read More ›

  • In the west of our dear land

    I received a text message a few weeks ago warning people not to use their photo or that of their family members for social medial profile because there are messengers of devil lurking around determined to take children of God… Read More ›

  • Rhythm

    One way to enhance understanding of Yoruba language is by  listening to stories during events, also by paying attention to the usage of words – stories often have sayings/adages that lead listeners to a whole other stories – they work… Read More ›

  • All sorts of schemes

    Earlier on this year a friend’s mother sent a text to say she’s in town, wanted to meet up and all. She is a very likeable woman with zest for life, conversation with her is always funny and reflective. I… Read More ›

  • On the safe side

    We are nearly there. We had Brexit. The school mock election provides the girls with a little taste of what real life leadership selection is like. Then we had to deal with The Donald, I remember my 10 year old was… Read More ›

  • Cerebral Palsy

    The story of Oluwalonimi (Nimmy) is hard to ignore, the first question that popped to my mind after reading the story was, where are the parents of this child? Nimmy is a 4 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Nimmy’s… Read More ›

  • Women and hair

    With all the sorry stories about Nigeria lately, it is uplifting seeing women taking care of business that is theirs. I am quite pleased to read about the work of African Hair Summit, they are working to promote beauty of… Read More ›

  • Deceit

    “Would you like to hear a bizarre story?” A friend asks. “Of course I love bizarre stories, who doesn’t” The story goes that a lady is behind on her mortgage repayment. The bank had sent the last reminder letter. Now court… Read More ›

  • Humanising history

    What a fresh breath of air listening to Prof Yemi Osinbajo views on Biafra. I especially like that he started by relating to his school mates who went home during the war and never came back. He talked about how we… Read More ›

  • Education inequality due to lack of funding

    Sometimes last week I read about a group of Nigerian students stranded in different parts of the world because the government has not been up to date with tuition and living expenses payments. The students, as always reached out to… Read More ›